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Please contact our managers to place an order. We only do bulk orders over 100 kits. If you need less please contact your nearest distributor. To verify the distributor you can send us e-mail with his details


For the orders over 5000kits we have developed special price and terms.


Our quality is GMP standard. Can be proved by serial number and various tests on your request


Customers all over the world. Latin America, Spain, Turkey, Australia and Russia all these countries choose us as a top supplier of HGH.

What Customers Say

  • Thank you guys for quick response and prompt delivery. There is nothing to say about quality - it is the best I've ever tried.

    Antonio - from Spain
  • I've tried a lot of HGH. I do resell it and for your HGH the feedback is the best. Coming up with new transfers, Thanks! .

    Vadim - from Russia
  • Very happy to do business with you. Service is very good, quality is very nice and stable. Wish you have more customers, I will be happy to help you with that.

    Roberto - from Brazil